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What should I do if my CdLS person is on Ranitidine?

There have been many stories in the media about contaminated supplies of the drug Ranitidine. As many of our CdLS patients are on this drug, we have received requests for advice on alternatives. Our Medical Director Dr Peter Gillett emailed us with the following pragmatic viewpoint. It should be noted that his advice is from the health trust where he works and mentions supply of Ranitidine. This may vary in other regions. Please make sure you show the attached reference documents to your clinician as well as passing on Peter's message. He writes:

"Further to our discussion please see attached document (with a link to another relevant document) from our local advice and a Scottish govt missive about supply from November 2019. I am aware that Ranitidine is still 'sort of' available in some areas due to some manufacturers still supplying it, BUT for many areas its just been taken out of circulation following the MHRA and other international organisations withdrawing it until further notice due to safety concerns. This often happens if some findings are replicated in other manufacturer's versions and then the issue sort of spreads leading to a more widespread withdrawal.

We decided to make some practical recommendations that are approved and well researched in NHS Lothian, but any family wanting advice should go to their GP or specialist to specifically discuss the options. I am more than happy for our document to be used in a discussion. For those on Ranitidine but with no new prescription available, please see the advice in the linked document.

Ranitidine prescribing alternatives in paediatrics.pdf

This is the BBC story on it from October: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49977829

I am sure when the issue re NDMA contamination blows over and new product is shown to be safe, then it will come back as an option.

The risk to ongoing exposure is not zero but it's very low.

Its not possible for me to have individual discussions re patients but I hope the options here are helpful."

Ranitidine letter Nov 2019.pdf
MSAN (2019)22 - Ranitidine all formulations - update - 28 November 2019.pdf