» Development

Developmental skills are often delayed in individuals with CdLS. Because of this, early intervention is indicated as soon as a diagnosis is made, since it appears to play a major role in the level of developmental achievement. An average IQ score in individuals able to be tested has been found to be 53, which is within the mild to moderate range of intellectual disability. Acquisition of new skills continues throughout life without regression. Developmental areas of strength include visual-spatial memory and perceptual organization, and thus the use of computers, using visual memory, may be of benefit over standard methods of verbal instruction, as may tactile stimulation. Language is an area of weakness, and may be compounded by hearing abnormalities. Fine motor activities should be stressed in education, especially those related to activities of daily living. A developmental chart specific for CdLS is available, and can be used by practitioners and therapists to monitor progress, and, potentially, even to confirm diagnosis.