» How is Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Diagnosed

Summary section

Diagnosis recommendations:

R7: If a prenatal ultrasound scan (sonography) detects features consistent with CdLS, possibilities for prenatal genetic testing should be discussed with the parents.

R8: If a causative gene change has been detected in an earlier child or pregnancy, reliable prenatal diagnostic testing should be discussed with the family. Targeted variant testing can be performed using DNA derived from the placenta or amniotic fluid.

R9: If available, first-line genetic testing should be performed using panel sequencing to screen all genes known to cause CdLS spectrum (NIPBL, SMC1A, SMC3, RAD21, BRD4, HDAC8 and ANKRD11). Medico-legal, technical, and insurance-related national practices may require other tests, such as Sanger sequencing of individual genes.

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