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A brush with success

BrushThe Collis Curve toothbrushes are working! That’s the message from Carol Bromley, whose daughter Joanne has visited the dentist and received an all clear.

“No work was required, to our great delight,” said Carol.

Joanne was sedated during the check-up rather than put under general anaesthetic and although there was some build up of plaque, the brushes seem to have improved the general condition of her teeth.

The brushes are recommended by CdLS Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) member Dr Doug Clemens, who spoke at Edinburgh and Thurrock last year about the advantages of using these brushes.

They are only produced for the US market but the UK & Ireland Foundation obtains brushes in bulk for members. They can be ordered by from the Foundation office for £5 each, including packing and postage. The toothbrushes come in three sizes: Baby, Child and Adult.

Speaking to UK families at the Essex meeting, Dr Clemens showed how the Collis Curve brush, with its two different types of bristles, can clean the top of the teeth with stiff straight bristles and then do the sides of the teeth with gentle curved bristles at the same time.

Studies by Professor Chris Oliver at Birmingham have suggested that dental problems could be one of the triggers for behaviour problems and consequently good oral care is important.