» What are the Cognitive and Behavioural Characteristics of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

Executive Function

Executive function is a term that refers to brain-based processes that control and regulate our behaviour. Individuals with CdLS may have specific difficulties in executive functions. Usually, these difficulties affect individuals’ mental flexibility (ability to shift thoughts or attention) and visual short-term memory (139). However, some executive functions, such as inhibition (stopping a behavioural or verbal response) may be relative strengths in CdLS (140).

Executive functioning abilities in CdLS are suggested to be associated with aspects of the CdLS behavioural phenotype. For example, executive functioning difficulties in CdLS may be associated with frequent repetitive behaviour and social anxiety (139,140).

Individuals with CdLS can benefit from having their environment structured according to their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Environment enrichment strategies can be used to facilitate cognitive and learning abilities in CdLS.

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