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Sarah Peacock dies after routine endoscopy

SarahWe are sorry to report the death of Sarah Peacock, aged 17. Sarah died after a routine endoscopy. The procedure had been called for to check whether oesophagitis as a result of reflux had returned.

Mum Lynn said, “The sad thing is, the oesophagitis had not returned. Sarah had quite a few anaesthetics in her short life but always came round fine. As yet, we still don’t know
if this is why she died.”

Parents John and Lynn asked if donations could be made to the Foundation in lieu of floral tributes and £1,170 was received in Sarah’s memory.

“Sarah was a lovely, lively little girl - small in stature but big in personality and was loved by everyone that met her,” Lynn said. “She could also be a little minx at times and liked to nip people to get a reaction which she often thought was funny.”

Sarah was very keen on her musical toys especially her drum kit and keyboard. “She had a full and happy life and was generally in good health. She did have some stints of poor health from oesophagitis and reflux and had a fundoplication three years ago which seemed successful.

“Sarah couldn’t talk but would let you know what she wanted and kept on at you until you got it right. She did walk and then run and kept everyone on their toes.

“There will always be an enormous hole in our lives now she has gone but in our hearts she will go on for ever.”
Reaching Out newsletter
December 2006