» Catherine McCarney

My name is Cath McCarney and I've been a trustee with the foundation since 2012, but CdLS UK & Ireland has been an important part of my life for much longer than that!

My younger sister Mary has CdLS and she is now 27 years old. We came to our first conference as a family months after her birth, and we have been involved with the foundation in one way or another ever since. I always loved coming to the conferences growing up - you could never underestimate the how special it was to finally be a 'normal' family in a room full of people - especially when they didn't bat an eyelid at some of Mary's more interesting behaviours! 

Having the chance to talk to other siblings at conferences who are growing up with a brother or sister with CdLS was also invaluable. As a trustee, it's my job to help make sure other families get to experience this now, and in the future. It's certainly something something that I feel privileged to be to be a part of.