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Education Advice, Lifeskills and Lockdown Survival

Covid 19The Government has released a list of online education resources which includes some SEND links. They can be found by clicking this gov.uk link.
More SEND advice can be found on the Twinkl website.

Of course the picture is constantly changing with updates on issues like when our kids can go back to school. This is the latest advice on returning to school and shielding of vulnerable children, as published in May 2020.

Lifeskills and Related Matters
We will be adding links as we find them. There is a marvellous programme called Attention Autism which offers some ideas for activities for our children with learning difficulties, which will also have practical applications in developing some skill areas. A PDF can be downloaded on this link.

Ideas to Help Survive Lockdown
We start these resources with some basic aids to help you get your child to understand some aspects of this abnormal situation.

First there is this pictogram PDF guide to handwashing and other important safety and hygiene measures from Widget.

Second we have a pictogram PDF from Widget with a way to explain to your child about feeling upset by the virus news.

Then we have some downloadable PDFs recommended by Dr Laura Groves on mindfulness and mental wellbeing for you and your family, together with a practical project to help you cope. As well as looking after a child with special needs, you need to look after yourselves:

MIND (the mental health charity) guide to Making Sense of Mindfulness

From Men's Minds Matter Coping in Crisis: Coronavirus

Dr Russ Harris' guide to responding effectively to the corona crisis Face Covid

Lastly, a simple, soothing and calming project Create a Compassionate Kitbag