» Adele Noonan

Adele Noonan has been part of the CdLS Foundation since 1994, when her daughter, Bethany Simmonds, was born with the syndrome in July of that year.

Adele’s involvement with the Foundation has spanned over many years, taking her to conferences in the UK and Ireland, and around the world to Australia, Canada and Italy. This has allowed her to meet new families and professionals along the way, whilst making lots of new friends.

Adele comes from Telford, Shropshire and lives with her husband and 3 children; Bethany, Sam and Harriet. She has also been involved in organising a conference in Telford, and used her childcare expertise to set up a crèche for the CdLS children and their siblings.

For a few years Adele didn’t attend many of the conferences due to family matters but realised how much she missed everyone and the amazing atmosphere of the meetings. Therefore, in the last couple of years she has attended numerous conferences and has now become one of the trustees within the Foundation, after expressing her passion and dedication to the Foundation.